Koreafactory, Inc.인류와 더 나은 미래를 지향하는 기업

Koreafactory, Inc. is a South Korean company which started as a fashion business and clothing manufacturing company. While producing uniforms for various businesses we also expanded into the field of protective body armor such as bulletproof and stab proof vests and ballistic plates.

We offer all levels of protection based on NIJ standards 0101.06, 0115.00, 0108.01 etc. All our products have been tested by the H. P. White Laboratory or NTs chesapeake. currently we are focusing on developing new products that would move the protective body armor further by incorporating IoTinto bullet proof and stab proof vests, in order to increase the wearer’s safety be it a soldier, police officer, security guard or civilian.

In the past year we were selected as one of the suppliers of bullet-proof vests for the Korean army and we have been supplying stab proof safety vests for the largest private security company in Korea.